The Launch Program


Get the tools to succeed.

We build it // You use it

In an ideal world, all of us would know the perfect way to market our brand. It isn’t a perfect world though. You run your company because you know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to providing your products and/or services to your customers. We do what we do because we’re gifted marketers. Wouldn’t it be great though if you could channel what we do and run your own marketing program? We’re making that a real possibility.

The principle is simple. We build your digital marketing infrastructure. Then, we teach you how to use it. This isn’t some smoke-and-mirrors game. Our founder built Phrasing with the intent of raising the collective marketing efforts in this world. This was design with the SMB in mind.

The fact is that not everybody can afford a high-quality agency on retainer. We saw this trend and knew that something could be done.


We build an optimized, mobile-first website that can compete in search and convert customers.


We build the core of your CRM system in an intuitive platform for your brand.

Social Media

We help create and establish your social media accounts.

Paid Media

We will launch an evergreen campaign that will consistently drive quality traffic to your website.


We perform local optimization and baseline SEO for your company.

We make the choice easy.

We build it fast // You pay slowly

When we decided to build this digital marketing program, it was important to us that it accomplished two goals: get you new business soon and not break the bank. That’s why we do all of the work and training within 60 days of contract signing. However, you pay us over 6 months to minimize the impact on daily operations.

If this sounds interesting to you, click on the link below and we’ll send you a custom quote within 3 business days.